In my Blues!

I have tons of Pinks in my dresser but aside from it, I also have had some Blues. Who says that Blue is just for boys? It isn’t!
Did you know that according to Wikipedia, Blue has several variations and from Proto-Indo-European (*bhlēw, *bhel ) it means "to shine, be light or bright". But, in the English language, Blue may refer to feeling sad. It has been said that Blue is related to storms. Well, I guess that’s just how it has been believed because it is totally different if you’re watching the show Blue’s Clues. Yay! My grandmother said that Blue (the dog) is my very first favorite animated character. I was less than a year old when I first saw the show in Nick Jr. and cried when the pawed cutie bid goodbye to end the show. I think Blue is also the reason why I love collecting stuffed puppies!

Here's my toy I named "Puppy" (LoL) which is loved by my sister too. And here’s a collage made by Mommy where I’m wearing all sorts of Blue. Purple and Pink are still my favorite colors but I don’t say no to Blue.

In fact, I was in the Blue team during our Sports Fest at school last school year. Mommy and Ate Mabel even wore their Blue tees during the Family Day. Hmmm…I now wonder to which team will I be included this year? I haven’t been included in the Yellow team since I started schooling.

I'm joining these memes for today:



chubskulit 9:16 AM, June 06, 2011  

Ang ganda mo ateK dyan sa gown na blue.

ms. burrito 9:20 AM, June 06, 2011  

Hi Ate K, thank you so much for joining. I think you will be my ate from now since I don't have one hehehe..

d and b 9:34 AM, June 06, 2011  

hihi dami mong entries sis. hopping here from family time :D

DVBS Graduation

MommyLES 11:02 AM, June 06, 2011  

pretty little girl..visiting for FT..
My Kids:Then and Now

imriz 11:21 AM, June 06, 2011  

my lil kid loved the show when she was a toddler. u look pretty in those blues. i guess, all girls are pretty in whatever color they wear.

come see my other posts when u have time, lil miss:)


genny 11:41 AM, June 06, 2011  

lovely and pretty...nice shots!:-)

mommy jes 11:50 AM, June 06, 2011  

oh wow shes lovely in daughter loves blue too! ;)

Thanks for joining FAM TIME!

mommy jes 11:51 AM, June 06, 2011  

hi please take time to visit my giveaway...please like, and coment if you cannot join ;)


Vhen 1:13 PM, June 06, 2011  

blue looks good on you.. ;)

visiting you from the hop!

hope to see you there!

sHeNgKaY 9:27 PM, June 06, 2011  

wow! ang daming blue!
bukas na ang Messy entry ko Ate K..
Visiting from Color Connection.. here is my
Color Connection entry...
Hope you can join my Orange Tuesdays meme this Tuesday sis..Have a nice day!

ladymishel 11:27 PM, June 06, 2011  

wanted to know you better that's why I tagged you here

Cheerful 1:15 AM, June 07, 2011  

you look lovely as always...and i love your smile! goodluck on your upcoming sports fest. and my daughter loves collecting stuffed puppies too and she loves dog, but unfortunately we cannot have animals now, maybe when we get settled to which country we are going to live! anyway, have a great week! :)

Mona 1:42 AM, June 07, 2011  

Blue is for everybody .. actually Blue is my fave color :)

tejan 6:21 AM, June 07, 2011  

dalaga na si keanna:) visiting from family time:)

Jona 2:11 AM, June 10, 2011  

ganda ng eyes ni Ate K! :D

late FT entry

Mrs.D 12:05 PM, June 15, 2011  

what a beauty....:)you look great on blues...late visit sa color connection!

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