Video Call Fun

I had fun chatting with my cousins, Kate & Rham. Mommy went online using her YM account and saw my Tita Esmeeh was online too and she decided to make a video call. When answered, she was surprised to see my cousins instead of Tita Esmeeh. So, she allowed me to chat with them instead.

These photos were taken using the screenshot option in the keyboard and we just have to edit it using MS Paint.

You can see that we had fun, right? It's always good to have a little chit-chat with family members even only through the internet. I am hoping to see them again soon. Check out Family Time & KIDS for more interesting posts. Happy Monday!


LALAINE said...


tejan said...

hehhe..thats nice Keanna malayo man malapit pa rin..hehe!

see you pretty one! mwaah!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

that is the coolness of the internet, btw,where does your cousin live?

Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles.

Kantinho da Frann said...

Hello...nice 2 meet U =)

Bambie ♥ said...

WOw.. you know what, you're lucky because nowadays, we have this technology which brings family closer kahit saan sulok ka pa ng mundo :) I always let my lil girl video chat with cousins and Tita too, almost everyday.

Thanks for visiting my blog.. Its my first time here and I'll be back when i have time :)

Gene said...

Video call sure is fun, lalo na to talk to friends and relatives that are far from home. My daughter loves the idea of seeing herself through the monitor, hahhaa!

Visiting via KID>

Gene said...

Same entry din pala ito with KID.

Visiting via Family Time.