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It was just recently when two of my Aunts visited us all the way from Buhi, Camarines Sur. It’s not a vacation though, it’s for us to complete all the necessary documents required by SSS for my Mama’s death claim. It made me miss Mama a lot. I found myself crying one time I was in front of the fridge. Weird, huh!

Anyways, both my aunts were able to come with me and Roey last Thursday and brought Keanna her lunch. Little Roey was so excited and even grabbed a small back pack before we went out of the house. She’s always happy and all giggles when she sees her Ate Keanna wearing their school uniform. I think Roey wants to attend school already! Ha ha! Here are their latest photos together.

We were not able to complete the requirements by SSS yet last week. But just few minutes back, I finally got my Aunt Abing’s marriage contract and birth certificate copies from NSO. I am definitely a very satisfied costumer. E-Census is really prompt, I so recommend them in case you need to request documents. It will definitely save a lot of your time and effort. Kudos to NSO’s e-Census! Keep it up!

And yes, I’ll give in to Keanna’s request of a simple birthday giveaway. I just hope our internet connection service be restored so we can materialize this contest. Have a great week everyone!

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jared's mum 4:56 AM, July 06, 2011  

so sad to hear about that, our condolences...
your little girls are simply adorable..
stopping by from K.I.D, here is my share

Olga 11:16 AM, July 06, 2011  

Hi, Keanna! It's amazing that you already have your own blog. This really makes great practice for creative composition. Thank your mom for guiding you well.

Visiting you through Family Time with this entry.

Jadeingua - 01.20.11 11:28 PM, July 06, 2011  

A blogger on the making! Keep it up!

Visiting from K.I.D!

My K.I.D entry is up here. Hope you can visit me too!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ 4:32 AM, July 07, 2011  

They are so cute together!

Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles

Iris by Shengkay 11:56 PM, July 07, 2011  

visiting from KIDS ate stef...wow! for how many weeks I am here again.. hope to see you n my site too..

Roey is so cute! in all her pink stuff..


Gene of Corbitoness 10:35 PM, July 10, 2011  

Big girl na talaga, nag-school na. Ang cute ng interaction nyong magkapatid.

Visiting via Family Time. Here's my entry: Family Time in Burger King

Mommy Jes 9:27 PM, July 11, 2011  

ay ang cute naman ni bunso saya saya nya makita si ATe :D

genefaith 7:08 AM, July 18, 2011  

so sorry to hear about that.....

cute naman ng mag-ate..wishing here we could have girl in the family:)

thanks for visiting my KID entry before:)

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