Ecology Day

Today is the last day of our 4th quarter exam and last for the school year too. It is also our Ecology Day today that is why we were asked to bring cleaning materials at school. My Mom had me brought an extra shirt too to wear in case my my PE uniform gets too messy.

I'm happy and sad at the same time. Happy that we finally finished everything for Grade 3 and is looking forward for more adventures next school year. Cleaning our classroom with my classmates gave me a happy feeling too. We got sort of dirty but it was definitely fun! I felt sad too because we will miss our adviser Ms. Jane.

She's very nice and warm to us. I still hope to see her come June.

I will miss my classmates and friends too! But, of course we'll see each other again in Grade 4.

This photo was taken last February. I'm with my bff Andrea.
We were classmates since Kinder.

Grade 3 Ephesians
This photo was taken few days ago. Thanks to my friend Edrick for sharing the photo.

Vacation officially starts today and my Mom said that one of the many things she wants to attain this time that she is now a SAHM is to help me gain weight. =) I am looking forward to enjoying the summer although a little worried because I have cough & colds since the other day and it is really hard in the chest to cough. I am taking medications already and hoping that I will get well soon.

Cheers to a happy, meaningful & productive summer vacation! Yey!


LP:143 Kulay Rosas

Kulay Rosas ang paborito kong kulay ngunit paborito ko din ang kulay Ube. Itong litratong to ay kami ng kapatid ko na parehong nakasuot ng damit pang prinsesa na kulay Rosas. Ang kulay Rosas ay maganda kagaya ng bulaklak. Bagay ito sa mga babae. May mga gamit kami ng aking kapatid na kulay Rosas kagaya ng cellphone ko (dating gamit ng aking ina), bag, pangtali ng buhok, damit, payong at kahit kulay Rosas na baso ay meron kami. Hehe!

Ang litratong ito ay kuha sa isang studionung may nagregalo ng studio package sa aking kapatid. Kulay Rosas na ata ang paboritong kulay ng halos lahat ng batang babae na kilala ko. Ang aking mga kaklase ay may mga gamit ding kulay Rosas. Nakakatuwa rin na malaman na isa sa pagkakapareho naming magkakaibigan ang pagkahilig sa kulay na ito.
Ito ang unang pagsali ko sa :


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