MGR #12 Scattered Toys

I would like to share one of my sister's everyday activity - play! And as expected from a toddler, she would always scatter her toys. I mean, my toys that are hers now, haha!

These are just some of the toys we have at home and these are in a bag but if Roey is having difficulty getting the toy she wants to play with, she would pour out all the toys instead.

Mommy is planning to sell some of the toys we have because she thinks there's a LOT of them already and some are just kept in a huge box upstairs.

So what mess do you have for today? Link up and share the fun!

Happy Birthday Caine

A post by Mommy

It's Keanna's mid quarter exams this week that's why she's not allowed to use the PC for her FB games until this weekend.

We will be attending Caine's 7th birthday this Saturday and she is quite excited to have fun at the party and see her other friends too. I am sure this Jollibee party will be a lot fun. It wasn't too long ago when we first met Caine and Mhe Lai (her mom). They were together in a magazine photo shoot. I still remember that Keanna was excited to meet new friends that day even if she wasn't really feeling well. Good thing the shoot went well and to my surprise, Keanna was all better after the shoot. Mareng Mhe Lai was very friendly and even got worried when she learned Keanna was sick.

That was the start of our friendship and I am happy that our online friends became real life friends. Keanna & Caine were part of Polkatots Fashion show at the Glorietta too and so as part of a Kiddie Kwela shoot at Kidsahoy.

We keep in touch by exchanging SMS and through facebook too. We get to meet during birthday parties and it was just recently when we had a great time with our other friends too during Chand's birthday party.

Looking at our photos made me realize the value of friendship. As long as you keep the friendship alive, time and distance is not a hindrance. Tomorrow will be very special, especially for Caine. I am personally excited like a kid. Happy Birthday Caine! Stay humble, pretty, witty and friendly as you are. Mwah!


Video Call Fun

I had fun chatting with my cousins, Kate & Rham. Mommy went online using her YM account and saw my Tita Esmeeh was online too and she decided to make a video call. When answered, she was surprised to see my cousins instead of Tita Esmeeh. So, she allowed me to chat with them instead.

These photos were taken using the screenshot option in the keyboard and we just have to edit it using MS Paint.

You can see that we had fun, right? It's always good to have a little chit-chat with family members even only through the internet. I am hoping to see them again soon. Check out Family Time & KIDS for more interesting posts. Happy Monday!