Messy Go Round #7 Bubble Drama

Last summer, I had so much fun playing with my sister. Even if she gets so "kulit" sometimes, she's my best playmate. Since we don't really go out to play outside (we live along the main road where cars pass by), we just stay in the front area near the gate. That is where we often make bubbles. I have several bubble making stuff and I've learned to make my own bubble mix. I just have to mix a little of dish washing liquid soap (JOY) and water. Mommy said that when she was my age, they would have to get Gumamela leaves and mash it after adding a little water and it makes a perfect bubble mix already. I think that's just so creative. I may have to try that too when I see a Gumamela tree.

Here are photos of a fun bubble play with my sister Roey.

I'm ready for my first blow.

Weee! I love this! Mommy captured a long bubble.

Now, here's Ms. Kulit wanting to lick the bubbles. Look at her tongue! LoL!

She thinks she is big enough to make lots of bubbles like me, she tried it too. She was successful and she was really happy about being able to make a tiny bubble.

But, Ms. Kulit got a little careless and spilled her bubble mix.

Of course, another drama is next. LoL!

Floral & Fab

Hi there! It's Friday again!
For my Pink Fridays entry, I'm sharing 2 collages where you can see me in floral Pink blouse matched with a Brown leggings. These photos were taken inside Trinoma mall. The cute girl with me is my God sister named Samantha Isabel. We are both "kikay" in so many ways.

Salon Surprise Barbie

It's Toy Stories time again!

This meme is something that keeps me excited. I have a number of toys to share. Today, I'd like to share a Barbie my Mom bought at the Richwell Christmas warehouse sale. It's the Salon Surprise Barbie. It comes with a highchair and a blow dryer that doesn't dry Barbie's hair but colors it. Yes! All you need is a pair of AA batteries and a small piece of ice (ice molder came with the box too) and just turn it on.

Her dress is so nice because it is reversible. And look at her curly wig. I wish I have a long curly wig too. Hi hi!

And, that's me holding my Barbie. It's an old photo, I think I was just 6 then. I love my doll and her Pink & Purple colored dress. I still play with her sometimes. Mommy loves Barbie and plays with me too. She only had 1 Barbie before and lost it. She said that a friend borrowed her doll and never returned it. That's so disappointing, right? I now have 4 Barbie dolls and 2 other dolls that looks like Barbie. =)

Shopping Bag

In my Blues!

I have tons of Pinks in my dresser but aside from it, I also have had some Blues. Who says that Blue is just for boys? It isn’t!
Did you know that according to Wikipedia, Blue has several variations and from Proto-Indo-European (*bhlÄ“w, *bhel ) it means "to shine, be light or bright". But, in the English language, Blue may refer to feeling sad. It has been said that Blue is related to storms. Well, I guess that’s just how it has been believed because it is totally different if you’re watching the show Blue’s Clues. Yay! My grandmother said that Blue (the dog) is my very first favorite animated character. I was less than a year old when I first saw the show in Nick Jr. and cried when the pawed cutie bid goodbye to end the show. I think Blue is also the reason why I love collecting stuffed puppies!

Here's my toy I named "Puppy" (LoL) which is loved by my sister too. And here’s a collage made by Mommy where I’m wearing all sorts of Blue. Purple and Pink are still my favorite colors but I don’t say no to Blue.

In fact, I was in the Blue team during our Sports Fest at school last school year. Mommy and Ate Mabel even wore their Blue tees during the Family Day. Hmmm…I now wonder to which team will I be included this year? I haven’t been included in the Yellow team since I started schooling.

I'm joining these memes for today: