MGR #19: Chocolate Donut

When a toddler eats doughnuts, what do you expect?
Here's my little sister with all the mess in her face after eating a chocolate doughnut. This is something we have in common, love of chocolates! We were surprise that she can finish a whole regular sized doughnut already. This is a local brand here in the Philippines, Mr. Donut to be exact.

The Crab

My sister Haley loved playing with my old stuffed toy I call crabby or sometimes Mr.Krabs. This photo was taken when Roey's still a baby. The other day, we went to the grocery store and my sister and I saw few really big crabs in the aquariums lined up at the wet section of SM Hypermarket in SM City NE The Block. Roey got scared. There were also fishes, clams, shrimps and eels. I even saw one of my classmates with her parents. That experience reminded me to look for this stuffed toy and I should start now so I can play with Roey or maybe scare her (nyahaha!). I'm joining Orange Tuesdays and Toy Stories. Check out the badges for more entries!

Shopping Bag