MGR#14 Make Up FUN

This was me and my 2nd cousin, Ate Kate Jhaz. I was just 5yo in these photos and she was 7yo. I received a small make up kit as a gift and we used it for our pretend-model-play.

"The eye shadow goes here Ate Kate!"

It's time for the blush on. Hi Hi!

And, my favorite of all... the lipstick!

Afterwards, I had to put Ate Kate's make up too.
So, is it obvious that we had few blush on mess and that our make ups aren't even?

Pink Slippers

That's my Pink slippers/sandals my Mom bought me. Guess how much it cost her?
Haha! It's cheap, simple but very cute, right?
I simply love it!

21 months

Happy 21st month to my sister Haley Roneese. Thank you for helping me out in removing my socks last Tuesday. Thank you for the hugs and kisses you gave and will still give me. Thank you for missing Ate when I am at school, I miss you too. Thank you for eating some of my leftover foods, hihi! Thank for all the giggles and laughter we share. Hope the Pinkish bug bite fades soon. This photo was taken by Tita Vangie at their home last Monday. I wonder why Roey's hair looks Brown. =) Hugs my sweet sister! I am looking forward for more fun times with you and I hope you are learning a lot from Ate K too. Ate Keanna loves you! Mwah!