MGR#5 Kate Jhaz

Today I'm featuring my 2nd cousin Kate Jhazreel. She's 2 years older than me but we get along very well. I will be seeing her today, and we will play again. This photo was taken almost 3 years ago during one of my friend's birthday at Shakey's. She loves spaghetti as you can see. Still pretty even with mess in her mouth, right?

She modeled from WorkingMom magazine before, I regret not to have a scanned copy of her appearance in the magazine. I will ask Mommy to scan it some other time. He he!
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Memes in Row

It's my first time to join Tita G's meme, Thursday Brownies. It's also the first run of Mommy Raya's Wednesday Whites though I maybe late, I still would like to join. What I have for today are photos taken years back. This serves as a late entry for KIDS and advance post for Pink Fridays. I love joining memes, right?

In this first photo, I am wearing a white top while Ate Ched (Mom's friend) is wearing her pretty Brown tee. She is in Singapore right now and I am missing her already. She makes me laugh a lot.

Ate Ched gave me this Pink sewing machine toy Christmas of 2008.

This is me Christmas day of 2008. I am wearing a White Barbie blouse with Black accents in it. The Pink purse is from my Ninang Amy.

Mommy gifted me the Gameboy I am holding and so as few books to read.

This photo above was taken when I was just 5 at Powerbooks, Trinoma. Mommy said I ran inside and in amazement opened lots of books. I was wearing a "short shorts" that time. It's Brown and that shorts already fit my 19 months old sister. Haha!

Princess Rocks!

With my friend Kylie at Fun Ranch during the Trick or Treat program they had for kids!

I was a rockstar here and pretty Kylie is a princess. We were so little then. I miss her already!

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