MGR#15 Sweat!

Active play! These 2 photos above were taken during my 5th birthday. Mommy said she didn't know why I was so hyper that day that I ended up messy with sweat! I ran, jumped, rolled and slide that day, maybe because of excitement and happiness. That's one of the rarest days I perspired the most, ha ha!

Thursday Brownies: Amber

That's my Tita Ghe's pet dog Amber held by Roey. This was taken when Amber was just a baby, 3 mos if I am not mistaken. Now, Amber is already 8mos old and she's definitely so BIG! We couldn't capture a good photo of her because she's become so active and clumsy. We will still try to capture a good one so we can post the most updated look of Amber. I assure you that Roey can no longer hold Amber the same way shown in this photo. Roey's afraid of her already. Well, me too!

Toy Camera

Angel Blue camera

This is just one of the many toys I got from McDonald's Happy Meal. It is a toy camera which is most of the time used by my sister, Roey. She would even make a sound effect "click" while smiling! LoL. I wish Mommy would be able to generate enough money so she can buy a new camera. =) I'm once again joining Toy Stories and for more playful posts, click on the badge below.
Shopping Bag