Meet Pink Chuchi

Mom blogged about my stuffed toy which Roey named Chuchay. This time, my little sister eagerly opened a gift from Tita Everth even if it is not Christmas yet. She was all smiles to find out that Chuchay now has a sister - Chuchi. The new hug-gable toy brings smile to her lips and I am sure she will love Chuchi as she loves Chuchay.
Shopping Bag

Bubble Gum and The Lost Hairbow

Mom would not allow me to chew gums when I was a little younger. Last week of November, I had real fun playing with the bubble gum when Mommy allowed me to buy some. I bought about 3 pieces and offered one to Mom but she didn't take it. She always tell me the bubble gum will stick to her teeth. Since we were still waiting for our pork barbecue to cook (we were out and bought barbecue for lunch), I insisted for her to take photos of me in continuous shots so it will look funny as if the photos are really moving- like a video. Both these photos were taken last November 30, during the Bonifacio Day holiday.

This is the photo Mom captured. I got to blow a little big bubble! It was just this big when it popped. It was so quick. Good thing Mommy got to take a photo of the bubble.

And I was wearing this particular hairbow Mom made for me and my sister. We lost it. My sister Roey wore it few days after Bonifacio Day and as soon as we reached home, Mom noticed it was already gone. I feel sad losing it because the hairbow was personally hand made by Mommy and that it has a Pink star and the Pink and Black ribbons combination is cute too. It's time to join Pink Fridays!