Tried Bontu Knots

I was once doing my Pinterest job when I saw a pin - it was a girl with lovely curls! I showed it to Keanna and she asked me to click on its link to know how we can get the same curl quality since her hair really takes time to curl up. We then found out that they used the Bontu knots trick. Besides the link we visited, we searched for YouTube videos of Bontu knots too. And after work, we tried it.

Keanna's hair had to be a little wet and we applied styling gel just to be sure that it will result to real curls and not tangled hair. =D 

After few hours (8 hrs maybe), her hair was not as curly as the girl in the image we saw but she was already happy of this cute curls as a result of our first attempt. The photo above shows her hair after removing the knots. I had to remove the rubber bands as well. The "after" photo has no good quality so I'd rather not add it in my post. But I will do so next time we try this again and as soon as our digital camera's battery's replaced.

By the way, I tried this too on her little sister. I divided Roey's hair and tied it like pigtails and then made the Bontu knot. Here it is...

For Mommies out there, go ahead and search for video tutorials on how to do the Bontu knots on your little darlings. Hope you can also share photos. Thanks for dropping by!

MyPhone TV and SkinWhite

I missed my blog!

I have been telling Mommy that I want to blog and she has given me computer time but it was me who was not able to post anything. I enjoyed group chatting with my classmates and playing MyTiki World. =)

Not long ago, Mommy promised me that she will replace my old mobile phone with what I have been requesting, a phone with MP3 player and TV feature too. She agreed and said that she will just give my old phone to Lola Mely, her Aunt, so they can contact each other. Before I got a new phone, Mommy lost hers. I felt sad for her but also got worried that the new phone she promised me will have to be set aside. Good thing, Daddy volunteered to buy me a new one. He asked Mommy what phone unit she wants him to give her as his birthday gift but Mom said she will save first for the phone she really wanted. She is already happy that I got to have a new one. Ahhhh! I love you Mommy!

See how morena I am in the photo above? I got my skin color from my Daddy. But, I really want to have a fairer skin like Mom. She would not allow me to use whitening soaps and lotions yet because of my very sensitive skin but I was excited as I arrived from school yesterday with a loot from SkinWhite.

The SkinWhite Beauty Academy went to visit our school, Marian School of Q.C. and I have learned a lot about my physical appearance. We were somehow examined and I have learned that I have an H body shape. Mommy was right that I have a heart shaped face. I was also told that the length of my arms are just right but I have short legs. And was also told that shorts are best to those with short legs than those with long legs. My skin color also belongs to what they call "Autumn" skin color group. I was given a color palette which we could take along when buying clothes so I can check which color will look good on me. All students who attended the talk (I told Mommy it was like I attended a seminar, hehe!) were advise to start sorting clothes. Set aside the ones that are included in the color palette given to us, the ones that aren't there and the ones for donation. =) I m going to sort my clothes with my Mommy after our 2nd periodical exam period. 

It's nice to receive but as I was taught, it is better to give. 

Visited Mama for Mother's Day

Here are the some photos we had last Mother's Day as we visit Mama. As always, my little sister is so kulit and game to pose in front of the camera. =)

We brought flowers and lighted small candles for Mama dear. Besides Mother's Day, it was also her birthday last May 6.

Roey as she made a cutie pose .

And that is me, of course. 

We did not stay that long at the cemetery since it was a little cloudy we thought it will rain but I have my umbrella ready. Hehe! 

Doodle Buddy: My Artworks Set 3

Hi there!
As promised, here I am posting the 3rd batch of my doodles. This set is something we can call - Assorted! 

That's Teddy!


Hand-to-Heart, Heart to Hand

Teen Witch
Inspired by Alice Bungisngis & Her Wonder Walis TV show!

The Wedding

Flag Up!

Ariel's Bubbles


I have new artworks I drew just the other day. I will let Mommy take pictures of them too so I can upload them here and share with you my readers what I love doing as a hobby. Mommy said she's surprised of my talent (if you can consider it as one) because she can finally say that at least I got this from her. I heard her once said, "it is okay to look like my Dad just as long as the talents and character are from Mommy!" 

Doodle Buddy: My Artworks Set 2

Drawings - Set 2 - FACES!

Here are the doodles I have for faces. I am not really good because I am still practicing and also, I'm doing this using an itouch which has a very small screen. How I wish I have my own laptop or ipad perhaps so I could practice doodling more often. 

Red hot!

Girly Pink


Roey? =)

Teary eyed

Gaga over Lady Gaga!
There ain't no other way, Baby I was born this way!

Hope you liked the 2nd set of my artworks. I have more doodles of faces and I promise to post them too. Soon! Bye for now. 

Doodle Buddy: My Artworks Set 1

These are my artworks using Mommy's iTouch. I used the application Doodle buddy which my sister Roey uses a lot too. Mommy took photos of all the artworks I've made and saved and I would like to share them to you also. 

I have not named these artworks yet but this one can be LadyGaga since the hair is Green. Kinda different, so Lady Gaga, right?

The last photo is a zombie. I was inspired to doodle a zombie when I saw Mommy watching The Walking Dead. by the way, this is a fab zombie - it is wearing a Pink wig! LOL!

I will post more of my doodles next time! Have a great day everyone!

Purple & Blue

It has been so long since I last visited my blog and posted an update about me and my sister. We have had so many activities together this summer vacation. Home activities I should say since Mom wasn't able to enroll me or Roey to any summer workshop. It's okay because I get to be with Mommy and Roey all the time. 

Why Purple and Blue? It's because I have loved the color Purple ever since I loved Barney and Princess Jasmine but then recently, I realized that I like Blue too. I'm liking it better than Purple now honestly. Check out my nail polish! I have the same color in my toe nails. My sister has the same nail color too! This is one thing I like about summer vacation, I get to be kikay. Once school days are back, I will not be able to color my nails anymore.

These photos were taken last Easter Sunday at Auntie Lola Estela's house in Project 8. 

By the way, Roey always imitate me - aside from wearing a new Blue summer dress...when asked what her fave color is, she says BLUE! I then remember Mommy said that I should be very careful with what I say and do because someone's being a copycat. 

SpongeBob Craze!

My sister and I love Spongebob Squarepants for the simple reason that he is such a happy - thing! (He is a sponge, right?) When McDonald's Philippines introduced this new happy Meal toy collection featuring Spongebob, we were able to complete it. Thanks to Daddy who surprisingly gave in to our requests. 

Holding our new toys and guess where we dined in? - Jollibee! Ha ha!

We were able to complete the Spongebob set of 8 toys. It features Spongebob as a Painter, Kung Fu Master, CEO, Astronaut, Police, Doctor, Dessert Chef and  Super Spongebob! 

Well, these were taken last April. Sorry for the late post. We went to Sm Novaliches where Roey had a new Pink sandals. Daddy bought a new jacket. I had tantrums and it irritated him. *grin

Ice Cold

Whenever we accompany Mommy to the grocery store, I never forget to ask for a cold drink or eat. LoL!
Summer or not, iced drinks and ice cream is really a favorite of mine. I guess it was because when my mommy was pregnant with me, she's exposed to ice because they sell Halo-Halo then. 

 My sister Roey loves Zagu too. She also chews ice flakes just like me. Mommy craved for Buko Pandan Zagu, corn and apples when she was pregnant with Roey. That could also be the reason. 

The last time we went to SM Hypermarket near our place, sister and I shared our favorite drink - Zagu! Yesterday, Mommy prepared sweetened Saba banana and Sweet Potato, tapioca, gelatin, evap milk and sugar. Guess what it's for? HaloHalo! She gracefully managed to produce crushed iced using Mama's old hand ice shaver. Yesterday's merienda is so yummy ice cold!

MSQC Top Models 2012

It was the last week of February when we had a modeling activity at school. This was participated by Grades 4 to 4th year High School students. 
This year's theme is "RED is the COLOR of PASSION and FASHION!"

 Held at the MSQC covered court, parents and supporters of model students were there. Of course, little sister and Mom attended my first modeling stint at school. 
 Mom suggested for me to wear a Red summer dress and so as bought me a summer hat from Divisoria. Grade 4's theme was quite easy to prepare and Mom was thankful that we were assigned the "summer" theme. Some of my classmates came in their best swim wear attires and props too. 
 My little sister wore Red too in support of the school's color theme. 
She even gladly posed each time Mommy takes a photo of me with my friends.
This one above was a photo with Phoebe and Roey who wore my summer hat all through out the event.
 Our awkward poses, as Mommy said. LoL!
We also had a shot with Ate Arielle, a grade 6 student who was dressed as Hatsune Miku. Roey got a little scared of her at first but when she realized it was just a costume, she allowed Ate Arielle to sit beside her for a souvenir shot. 

The event was fun-filled although I didn't win any award. The important thing is that it was a success. Besides, the modeling activity was for us students to develop grace, poise and confidence. This was part of the school's Personality Development Program and I am thankful that Mom never allowed herself to be absent in any of our school's activity. In case my parents send me to the same school next year, I know better and will definitely prepare for this event. Mom said I need to rehearse more and a modeling workshop I guess.

Messy Go Round2 #2 Rice Hoarding

Have you seen a 2 year old hoard cooked rice?

Yes! That's little sister trying to satisfy her hunger with "kaning lamig" directly from the rice cooker. 
We all laughed at her when she chewed, stopped, paused and giggled. Mommy said that Roey is a bit different from me because she can eat just rice and just veggies. Whenever Mom attempts to feed her with bits of veggies and rice together in a teaspoon, she would only chew the first serving and spill out the next ones. There's just one thing amazing with my sister..she eats onions and tomatoes for snack! haha! She can chew them like soft candies..imagine that!

This is our Messy Go Round today. Hope you enjoy our share and have fun visiting participants too of this cute meme for kids and kids at heart alike. 

Messy Go Round2 #1 Pinterest -ing!

Messy Go Round is finally back!
Let's make round 2 more fun! We are starting off with a small giveaway which also requires just easy tasks.  We will raffle off 1 winner for this giveaway. You can win this very cute Mr. Krabs plush toy and eraser set like the one in my previous post.
 So, come join in the fun of messing around! =)

Cute Erasers For My Littlest Pet Shop Toys

Mommy went to Divisoria last week and surprised me with these cute erasers. 
She said it's her Valentine's gift to me. Yay! She bought them for Php20/each set.
I now have few more "food" accessories for my Littlest Pet Shop toys. I have been watching LPS videos from YouTube and dreaming to make my own but I don't think I can do it. I just enjoy playing my Littlest Pet Shop toys, 3 of which are originals and the other 3 are the toys I got from McDonald's Happy Meal. Roey plays with with these erasers and my LPS toys when I am at school. We even brought them yesterday at the cemetery when we visited our grandMama.

Darly the dog and Lovely the llama

Loving Heart...Chocolates!

These are the Heart chocolates Daddy gave us. Mommy was surprised that Daddy handed her these chocolates a night before Valentine's Day, while me and Roey were past asleep. 

Since they're for the three of us - Daddy's girls, we all shared. Mommy gave me 2 pieces the next morning and I brought it to school. I was kind of reluctant at first since it is not our favorite Hershey's nor Goya chocolate bar but was also surprised that it tasted good. 

Roey enjoyed the chocolates too. She wore her Red tee with a heart design on it and a hand-me-down Strawberry-heart designed shorts. Both pieces were too small for her already but still posed in front of the camera for Valentine's sake. LoL!

Hump Day Giveaway

Hump Day $50 Giveaway

Thanks to the 27 wonderful bloggers listed below, it's time for Hump Day $50 Giveaway once again. This week's task is for Facebook Page likes which is super easy to do. Feel free to visit all the wonderful blogs below once you're done entering the giveaway. You can log on to Rafflecopter via your Facebook account, or your name and email (just make sure you're Facebook is opened so you can easily like the pages). Once you've liked the page (LIKE button turns gray), leave your Facebook Profile Name (not a Business/Blog Page) on the space provided for Extra Info after doing the task so we can verify your entry. It would be best if you enable us to see the pages that you liked in your info tab so we can announce the winner ASAP.
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