Latest But a Little Late

We visited Aunt Lola Baby last January 1 and my sister brought her new stuffed toy, Pooh.
I think Pooh is her new favorite besides Mickey mouse.

Mommy decided to cut Roey's hair..her bangs to be exact. This is her side view photo after the haircut. We both have the same hair color, Dark Reddish Brown. It's natural.

I have a new Aveeno Eczema Therapy lotion too but temporarily stopped using it since the dermatologist had to give me a different topical cream for my skin asthma. Glad that the rashes disappeared already. Still,  topical cream and antihistamine medications continue.

These hand sanitizers are Mom's gift to her friends. She bought just 4 of these type and decided to get few more of a different brand and scent. I liked them!

Mom asked me if I would like to have my bangs back just like Roey's, I said no. =)
I love my "one length" hairstyle. So, these are some of the late latest in me and my sissy's life. Hi hi!