Visited Mama for Mother's Day

Here are the some photos we had last Mother's Day as we visit Mama. As always, my little sister is so kulit and game to pose in front of the camera. =)

We brought flowers and lighted small candles for Mama dear. Besides Mother's Day, it was also her birthday last May 6.

Roey as she made a cutie pose .

And that is me, of course. 

We did not stay that long at the cemetery since it was a little cloudy we thought it will rain but I have my umbrella ready. Hehe! 

Doodle Buddy: My Artworks Set 3

Hi there!
As promised, here I am posting the 3rd batch of my doodles. This set is something we can call - Assorted! 

That's Teddy!


Hand-to-Heart, Heart to Hand

Teen Witch
Inspired by Alice Bungisngis & Her Wonder Walis TV show!

The Wedding

Flag Up!

Ariel's Bubbles


I have new artworks I drew just the other day. I will let Mommy take pictures of them too so I can upload them here and share with you my readers what I love doing as a hobby. Mommy said she's surprised of my talent (if you can consider it as one) because she can finally say that at least I got this from her. I heard her once said, "it is okay to look like my Dad just as long as the talents and character are from Mommy!"