Messy Go Round #6: 1st Grader mess!

It's a Messy Saturday once again! Hi everyone!
Next week is "Back-To-School-Week", at least for us here in the Philippines. Finally, I am enrolled and we're to start covering my notebooks and books since I'm ready and excited for our first day of school on June 8. So, here I am sharing with you something memorable to me when I entered grade school.
I'm an incoming Grade 4 now, by the way.
Let's all have fun with little or much is now open, post away!

Mini Cash Register

I've had this Pink mini cash register since I was 5 years old. It came as a gift from Mommy for doing good at school. It's still in good working condition. I sometimes use it as a calculator too.

Inside the cash compartment, you'll find several paper bills (play money) I use whenever I play with it. I even pretended to have my own store one time I played with my cousin Ate Jhaz.

My 2nd cousin Kate Jhazreel wearing a tee blouse in light Orange, given by Mommy. This then serves as my entry for the newest meme Toy Stories and for Orange Tuesdays. Check out the badges below, aren't they cute? Click on them and you'll find more Orangey stuff and toys to enjoy!

Shopping Bag

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

One thing I didn't get to enjoy doing last summer is going out to the movies with the kids or with friends. It has been a while since I last saw a movie. Just to let you know, I am feeling lucky today because Nuffnang and Hapee are giving away two (2) invites for a surprise movie screening this coming June 3, 7:30 pm at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2.

Nuffnang is definitely first class because it's the first blog advertising community in Asia Pacific. In addition to that, they provide artistic and eye catching blog ads to numerous blog sites. I should also mention the fact that Nuffnangers enjoy the company's dedication in supporting a number of blogger attended activities and events. That is why it is Nuffnang - REAL GOOD!

Hapee is equally world class because of their dedication to the community . Not to mention that the company promotes equal employment opportunity. Lamoiyan, the company who made Hapee was awarded last 1993 the Apolinario Mabini Rehabilitation Award as the Employer of the Year. Proudly Filipino, Hapee is but an ideal toothpaste for the whole family. It has been well known to us that Hapee is very affordable yet gives us world class smile with its ability to give maximum flouride protection, strong white teeth and fresh breath!

I'm all smile right now. I'd like to mention by the way that this is only available for the first 100 valid blog entries, so make go grab the chance and visit Nuffnang’s site for more details.