LEGO World

Mommy, Roey, me and 2 of my grand aunts visited SM City The Block and saw a number of kids go round in the center area where Lego toys are being sold. We found these miniatures displayed. Some of the kids are also busy counting the number of "Santa Claus" miniatures. You have to get the correct number of Santa miniatures so you can join a contest held by Toy Kingdom & Lego (I think) where you get a Lego toy as a prize.

I admire this miniature Eiffel Tower the most. I didn't imagine this can be built using Lego parts.

My sister and me. We were at the mall to buy my classmate a gift. Mommy bought me a Barbie long blouse and a new fab sandals too. I'll show you that in my next entries. =)

Shopping Bag

Back To Back Parties

These photos were taken 1 week apart. We had our Christmas party help at McDonald's West Avenue last December 3 and another post birthday party for Paolo last December 10. December is really a busy month not just for kids but for parents as well. The first three photos were of mine and sissy plus "The Royale Maldits" group (LOL!). The next three photos still shows me and sissy, kiddie online friends and pencil topper souvenirs.

My daughters in their matching MM blouses.

These get together gatherings and parties can be tiring but it leaves us wonderful memories and happiness we will treasure for life! Happy Holidays everyone!