Trinoma Visit

Mommy, Me and Roey went out on a special date on day and headed to one of the nearest malls in our place, Trinoma. At the time these photos were taken, they don't have that much Christmas decorations yet but I am sure they have plenty now.

I posed in front of the fountain facing Mindanao and North Avenue. There, I wondered why Trinoma didn't place their "front" in the EDSA/North Avenue corner. Is it because of the MRT station that will somehow block the way or they just didn't want to be "face-to-face" with SM North EDSA? Hi hi!

I wore a Pink tank top and an old Pink belt, denim jeans and a hand-me-down Havaianas . My sister is also wearing a hand-me-down striped collared dress. That was originally mine, a gift from my Ninang Rosemarie.

Happy Caity's Kids' Style Blog Giveaway and Contest

Looking Back: Barbie & Denim

I looked into an old album and saw these photos when I was just about 6yo. They were taken Christmas Day where I was wearing a size 4 Barbie 3/4 sleeved blouse and a denim mini skirt.

My Godmother Amie gifted me with a Hot Pink shoulder bag which definitely matched my Pink belt too. Oh! And I was holding my new GameBoy Advance in the first photo. It was Mom's Christmas gift to me. Don't you think I so love Pink? haha!

One month to go and it's Christmas again! It has been that long since last year. We had a very silent and sad Christmas last 2010 because my grandmother Mama passed away. This year is the second Christmas we'll be celebrating without her. We truly miss her but we are happy she's in heaven now.

Happy Caity's Kids' Style Blog Giveaway and Contest

Joining Happy Caity's Blog Giveaway

Christmas is just around the corner and a lot of parents are either done shopping or has just started. Mine has not started yet haha! I have my wishes of course and really hopeful to get them by Christmas but just as to be sure, I would love to win in this contest. It was just very recent when Kids' Style meme was launched and I gladly joined. Now, Kids' Style host Happy Caity is running its first major blog giveaway and I'd like to join too. Mommy recently won in 2 blog giveaways and it somehow made me excited to join too.

Kids' Style is raffling these prizes:

1st prize = $50 Paypal credits
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Fabulous, right? Thanks to these sponsors:

I'm using my Mom's name in this contest just in case it requires participants to be at least 18 years old and above, LoL!

Happy Caity's Kids' Style Blog Giveaway and Contest