5th Grader School Activities

Posting in behalf of my daughter, K.

This blog has been quite lonely for sometime now and I have been reminding K to visit and  try to post at least a photo or two of what she's been doing at school. And since she either forgets to or neglects to, I will do the honor.

Last August, K got sick and had to absent herself from school for more than a week. When she got back, there were a lot to catch up - notes, lessons, projects. Since she was advised not to tire herself much especially during their breaks and P.E. time, you'd find her just sitting in a corner. She was even half-hearted in joining the Filipino declamation for their Linggo ng Wika celebration. Though she's memorized the piece, she was not present at school when the final list of participants were chosen. She just told herself that it's okay, there's still a next time. Surprisingly, one of the female participants backed out just 2 or 3 days before the contest, K replaced her. With so much enthusiasm, she told me about it. She didn't win but was happy with yet another declamation experience on stage...with a friend. This year's piece was entitled: "Sino Ang Mas Mahalaga? Ang Ina o Ama"? (ooppps! I think this isn't the exact title but it was a debate on that topic).

Come October, K portrayed as Black American along with some of her classmates for their school foundation day presentation. I am keeping this collage small since she didn't really want me to post it, actually, was forced to pose in front of the camera. He! He!

With this presentation, K learned about discrimination and how important it is to value a person despite his color. I have reiterated to her that one's physical attribute should not be of that importance, she should look in the person's heart. Our heart's desires and willingness to reach out and help others (with a smile!) makes us beautiful.

To be continued...