Grade 4 Timothy Christmas Party

Last December 17 was our Christmas party at school. My Monito wished for a compass. Since he did not specify what kind of compass it was, Mommy decided to buy a travelling compass and a drawing compass. We also added a pen to have a gift worth Php150.00. Here are the some photos I would like to share.

 I wore a Black long blouse with Pink "Barbie" embroidery.
 Denzel, Me, Vea, Laura (behind), Adrianne, Yunisse, and Teacher Jean
 Zaireen, me and Edrick
 Me and Vea
 One of my best buds, Bea.
 with my adviser, teacher Jean
 Of course, there should be a photo with my BFF Andrea from Grade 4 Colossians.
 Friends from the other section: Foebe, Garden and Andrea.
 With Julianne Myles. 
 Group shot at the basketball court.
Yunisse, Patricia, Anne, Zaireen, Edrick, Adrianne and me.
 Like a brother to me, Edrick.
At school.

I received a Hello Kitty stuff toy, which I didn't wish for. It's okay though. I just feel like I would have been happier if my wish was granted. I can give the HK toy to my sister.
I was also tasked to bring barbecue and soda while others brought cakes, hot dogs, ice cream, spaghetti and pizza too. We really had a memorable party especially that I, together with my friends prepared a dance number to the tune of "Super Bass". I'm sure Mommy will have the video uploaded in Facebook or YouTube.