MGR#10 Birthday Cake

Weee! It's July already and this month is very special to me. It's my birth month! I am turning 9 soon. Really becoming a big sister now. For that, I would like to show you my sister's photos taken when we celebrated her 6th month. Mommy bought her a yummy Mango cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop. So why Mango? Ha ha! Because it is Ate Keanna's favorite! My favorite! Since Roey can't eat the cake yet, Mommy decided to pick my favorite instead. I really love Mangoes!


My Mama (late grandmama) held Roey near the cake because as soon as Mommy opened the box, Roey kept looking and smiling at the cake. Her arms and legs kept moving and kicking as if she is so excited to grab a piece of the cake. He he!


This is when she started eating solids, at her 6th month. She was breastfed for the first 5 months but Mommy slowly lost milk supply before Roey's 6th month. Look at how innocent Roey is in this photo, but gamely made a lick at the cake's frosting.


The messy after taste! I laughed out loud at what she did. I mean, whatw e did to her. Ha ha! Isn't she cute? I guess she's so cute that even the bed bug bit her. Poor baby.

So, that goes my messy post today. Come and share yours too!

Barbie Pillow & Treats Basket

It is Friday again and I am excited for this weekend because it will be one of my 2nd cousin's birthday on Sunday. That means, I will be able to play with Ate Kate Jhaz again. Pink Fridays and Messy Go Round also excites me. So, I would like to show you my Pink Barbie pillow. It was a gift my Ninang Rose gave me. I have it for sometime now and is still using it. In fact, my sister loves it as well. My photos were taken early of 2008 after Mommy won an iPod Touch during their Christmas party, December 2007 .

Mommy had a technician "jailbreak" her ipod only after 3 years and I enjoyed it even more because there were plenty of games and fun applications I can use. Her ipod is not working as of now, she can't seem to turn it on anymore and it would not even recharge. I just hope that it will be fixed soon so I can listen to my favorite music again and play games too. I forgot to mention that we use it to open Facebook when we are out in an area with free WiFi access.

In this photo, I was wearing a pirate costume my friend Sam lend me. This was taken 2007 just a month before Mommy won the iPod in the raffle. He he! Mommy bought me a Purple basket for the Trick or Treating activity at school. I still have that cute basket and will give it to my sister this Halloween. I'm sure she will enjoy trick or treating too. Hmmm... I wonder what she'll wear.

Life and then Som

Disney Princess Memory Game

This was a gift from Tita Ched, mom's friend. She is in Singapore now. These photos were taken 3 years ago if I remember it right. I still get to play with these cards, they still look brand new.

Whenever I play this memory cards game with Mommy, I cannot help but think of Mama (my grandmother) too. We have many happy memories playing this. There were times I cry because I lost in the game and there were lots of times we just keep laughing. Mommy and me got to play this game last week when it was all rainy and the classes were suspended. Hopefully, I will be able to play with Roey too.

Happy 20th month to my sister Haley Roneese aka Roey. In this photo, she's holding my Pink teddy bear.

We are joining:

Shopping Bag

Mall World Designs

Lovingly Mama is letting me guess how many colored balls does Dindin have? And my guess is 80.”

I also would like to share colorful designs I made from Facebook's game, Mall World. Whenever Mommy allows me to play online, I make sure I log in to my Facebook account and play all the games I love like Restaurant City, It Girl, Fashion World, Mall World, Yoville and sometimes I still play Petville. Hihi! There are lots of games, right? I sometimes run out of time because Mommy will only allow me to use the PC for 1 hour. I am lucky if she fells asleep during my PC time, ha ha!

Are they cute? I still have other designs to share next time. For now, I am linking to: