Tried Bontu Knots

I was once doing my Pinterest job when I saw a pin - it was a girl with lovely curls! I showed it to Keanna and she asked me to click on its link to know how we can get the same curl quality since her hair really takes time to curl up. We then found out that they used the Bontu knots trick. Besides the link we visited, we searched for YouTube videos of Bontu knots too. And after work, we tried it.

Keanna's hair had to be a little wet and we applied styling gel just to be sure that it will result to real curls and not tangled hair. =D 

After few hours (8 hrs maybe), her hair was not as curly as the girl in the image we saw but she was already happy of this cute curls as a result of our first attempt. The photo above shows her hair after removing the knots. I had to remove the rubber bands as well. The "after" photo has no good quality so I'd rather not add it in my post. But I will do so next time we try this again and as soon as our digital camera's battery's replaced.

By the way, I tried this too on her little sister. I divided Roey's hair and tied it like pigtails and then made the Bontu knot. Here it is...

For Mommies out there, go ahead and search for video tutorials on how to do the Bontu knots on your little darlings. Hope you can also share photos. Thanks for dropping by!