MGR#13 Nail Polish

Every now and then you'll nail one that's really, really special. And that's what you live for.
- Bob Seger

I would like to thank HIM above for all the blessings that makes life special. Thank you to my parents and sister too. I wish to be more healthy, to be nice, do good in school and have more friends. I also wish to have a meaningful and colorful life. Life that is as cute as my nail polish and as bright as the stars in the night. =)

Stuffed Toys I Love

These stuffed toys are some of which I value the most. They are gifts by special people I love. We have Puppy in the middle, he's my most favorite not just because he is a pup but he also came from my GrandMAMA. He still has his bell in this photo but he lost it already. I still have these toys until now and I share them with my little sister, Roey.

Shopping Bag

At The Grocery

Though these photos were taken about 4 years ago, I still would like to share them to you. Mommy said that it is always good to have me with her at the grocery so she can ask me what I want for my snacks and also to teach me the value of money. Mommy would only buy food on her grocery list and sometimes gets an extra for me.

I liked the green slippers and tried it but did not really intend and asked Mommy to buy it because like my Mom, I always check on the price tag. And besides, the Red sandals I was wearing that time is still new so I didn't really need a new one.
Mommy taught me the difference between our needs and wants. I still cannot understand it that much during those times but now that I matured a bit. I can see and understand her point already.
Cereals are one of my favorites. Now that we have Roey, I share whatever I have to her. She loves the Nestle Cookie Crisp cereal while Mommy goes for the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. I miss shopping at the grocery store with Mommy. Most often than not, I am at school and she goes to the store with little Roey instead.