School Project: Mask

I tend to be forgetful most of the time and gets reprimanded because of that too. Mommy said it gets worse every time, he he! I forgot to inform her that I need to design a mask as a project for one of my subjects.

She got a little irritated but hurriedly prepared last Monday night so we can catch National Bookstore while it's still open. Good thing we were able to bring an umbrella because the rain poured when we got off the tricycle. We also had to ride a cab to get to SM Novaliches because there were a lot of passengers but less jeepneys at that time. And yes, my sister was with us.

We bought glittered glues, white glue, poster paint and a blank face mask. If we had difficulty going there, we didn't have a hard time travelling back home. That's good!

We started decorating the mask after dinner and I got a little excited trying it. Cute? It's not done yet...

I told Mommy that it looks bald so she's thought of adding the crumpled Japanese Paper instead. I also had to add a little more of the Gold glittered glue to thicken it a bit.

And this is the finished mask. I wish the mask's lips were darker (in Red). My teacher told me that it looks like a masquerade mask. He he!

Little Sissy's Hand-Me-Down Fashion

Who says hand-me-downs isn't cool? My sister Roey is so lucky to have tons of clothes to wear, most of then are given by friends. Some are originally mine, and then some were handed to me and then to her. Good thing that Moms have ways to restore clothes. =)

In the first photo, the jumper pants she's wearing was a hand-me-down given to me by my God-sister and mommy's niece, Adhara. The Dora shoes & hat were given by Sam of Tita Vangie.
Yellow collared tee - Carter's 3T
Denim skirt - Grizzly XS
White doll shoes - Stride Rite Baby
This is another set of hand-me-downs.

This 3rd photo is my favorite because of my sister's sweet smile. She's posed there by herself and called out Mom to take a photo of her. So cute, right?

We stopped my Messy Go Round meme since Mommy got so busy with her online job but I am hopeful that we can continue sometime in the future. For now, I would like to join a new kiddie meme, Kids' Fashion.