Ice Cold

Whenever we accompany Mommy to the grocery store, I never forget to ask for a cold drink or eat. LoL!
Summer or not, iced drinks and ice cream is really a favorite of mine. I guess it was because when my mommy was pregnant with me, she's exposed to ice because they sell Halo-Halo then. 

 My sister Roey loves Zagu too. She also chews ice flakes just like me. Mommy craved for Buko Pandan Zagu, corn and apples when she was pregnant with Roey. That could also be the reason. 

The last time we went to SM Hypermarket near our place, sister and I shared our favorite drink - Zagu! Yesterday, Mommy prepared sweetened Saba banana and Sweet Potato, tapioca, gelatin, evap milk and sugar. Guess what it's for? HaloHalo! She gracefully managed to produce crushed iced using Mama's old hand ice shaver. Yesterday's merienda is so yummy ice cold!