At SM Novaliches

One Sunday, Mommy, me and Roey attended the Children's mass and went to the newly built Sm Novaliches. It's just in front of ABC 5 network. I didn't know that a High school friend of mommy is there too. It was a quick meet up for them though.

Tita Janice and baby Zach came from Japan. Mommy said that they were not affected by the tsunami but they experienced many earthquakes. I got scared with all the stories and videos I heard and I've seen.

We were able to take pictures together. Zach is cute and his skin is really fair. I love his hair color too. I told my mom before that I like my eyes to be blue and hair to be light brown or blond. Mommy said my complexion is something I should be proud of and my hair is already a little brown. I am happy with it, I was just joking that time ha ha! Anyways, my It girl doll is a brunette. Go check her on FB.

My McDonald's Adventure

I was enrolled for a 5 days McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop which started April 4 to April 8. It was really one week of fun! I am very happy that my parents made me to join this year. I've been requesting this since I turned 6.

I met new friends and learned a lot of values too! Here are some of the photos taken during our graduation day (store level) last Friday.

The grand graduation day will be held by May at the World Trade Center. I'm looking forward to it because there will be many surprises for all of us! Our parents are invited too!

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