Messy Go Round #2: Mango Tango

For today's "Messy Go Round", I'm featuring my sister Roey. She has tons of messy photos, eating photos to be exact. She mess a lot whenever she eat. I think that's how babies are. Besides, Mommy said I was like that too when I was Roey's age.

Mommy sliced a Mango for me when Roey immediately grabbed the other "cheek" and ate it.

I laughed at her silly look and told Mommy to snap a shot of her messing up. Mommy took several shots of her while we are all laughing because in between her bites and chews, she's saying a lot of words we cannot understand. Haha! My funny little sister is becoming talkative.

Like me, she loves Mangoes!
Check how "gigil" she was over the slice she snatched from me, LoL!

Kids In Doodles #2 Sweat A Little

It's Saturday again and it means weekend fun fun fun! Last year, my Ninang-Tita Jenny invited Mommy and me to sweat a little. We met them at the playground of QCMC after we attended the mass. While waiting for them, I can't help but explore the place. I asked Mom if I could already play and she allowed me. I allowed her too to take photos, hehe!

I had fun at the Quezon City Circle playground. When Tita Jenny and Adhara arrived, I'm already sweating! I wish we could go back there, go biking and play again with my cousin Adhara.

Biking and playing are things that are not just fun to do but good to our health too. It's like exercising. I just wish that I can already ride bigger bikes without support wheels. And I'd like to master the monkey bar too just like Adhara.

I just can't do what she did, I'm a little scared I guess and careful too. I was even wearing Pink arm warmers and knee high socks just to avoid boo boos in case something happen. Who would like to be hurt? Not me, so I have to be careful while enjoying being active! =) Next time I would like to try the skating rink I saw there. Mommy said she tried it there when she was in high school.

That's about it for today. I'm joining KID and Pink Fridays. For more wonderful and worth reading posts, please click on the badges below. Thank you!


KID#1: Little Hands


I'm joining the new meme K.I.D. just a little late. I'd like to share some of my photos Mommy took when I was just about 6 years old. These photos show how I was able to help Mom in little ways. My little hands according to mommy made a BIG help. I gave me a happy feeling I was able to help.

Since I'm turning 9 by July, I can now do a lot more things than these. Mommy assigned me to wash the dishes after lunch. But sometimes I get sleepy and forgets to, so Mommy ends up washing them for me. I am also tasked to get and carry bottled drinking water from my grandparent's house. I consider carrying 4 liters of water every other day an exercise. Of course, aside from these simple tasks I do, I also take care of my sister Haley Roneese (ROEY). I teach her too.

There are times that I get irritated of her whenever she starts her tantrums but I love her so much.
Just a kiss or a hug from my sister makes me smile. Isn't she a cutie?

Lovin' GrandMAMA!

A heartfelt THANK YOU post

to my beautiful grand MAMA.
Advance Happy birthday & Mother's Day to you.
I know you are at peace now with our Lord.
Still, thank you for all the love and care.
I love you.