This xylophone was a gift from Ate Sylvia, one of Mommy's friends from Convergys. It is really nice that my favorite princess Aurora is in it. My sister Roey plays it more than I do now. =) Mommy downloaded a musical game/application to her ipod too so Roey can play with it.

Shopping Bag

Growing Up: Fast!

Look at how Amber has grown big in just few months. She's a If she was less than 3 months old in the March photos that means she's really BIG at 10 months. Roey can't hold her anymore, nor can I. When she's allowed to roam around the house, she becomes so playful not even Mommy can come near her. I think she's as tall as me if she would only stand still. I think I am 4 feet already. Oh Amber, you are growing up so fast that Roey who is turning 2 can't catch up anymore. LoL!