Messy Go Round #9 Hyper Roey

My little sister has become so active lately. She would even gladly imitate whatever I do. That is why Mommy would always remind me to be proper and stop being a little childish. LoL!

She's so hyeractive that it has become hard to capture a good photo together. Hays!

She would always open my school bag ang bring out my pencil case to ask for this yellow marker. That is what she does all the time. Scribble anywhere, even up to her own skin. Ha ha!

She also plays with stickers and I thought of a silly idea...I stuck the letters R. O. E. Y. in her cheeks! Guess what? She loved it!

Mommy wears Brown too!

If you remember, I posted about my friend's birthday party here. This photo I am sharing today is from that same album and occasion. I am with Mommy and she is wearing a Brown shirt. Perfect for Tita G's Thursday Brownies meme. Mommy loves Pink, and so as Brown. She even said it is a nice combination.

Since this photo was taken more than 3 years ago, it also fit as an entry to Nostalgia, right? I remember that my front teeth has not erupted yet in this photo that is why I can only give you a shy smile. LoL.



The following photos were taken before New Year 2009 (Dec. 31, 2008). Mommy, my GrandMama and me had our hair cut at the nearest Reyes Hair cutters Salon in our area. It was our bonding time, actually.

There were so many customers in line so while waiting, I played first using my new (then) GameBoy Advance. I like that it is Pink and of course, it was a gift from Mommy. The Orange tee was something she bought from Landmark too and it was a size 4, hehe! Served as a baby tee for me instead.

As soon as the hair cutter called my name, I was seated at a chair and he lifted it a little higher so I can see myself in the mirror. My Mom insisted for me to have bangs since I have a wide forehead. He he!
She also requested from the hair cutter to trim the ends of my long hair. And this is how I looked back then...
Smiling for Mommy. She posted these photos in my own Multiply account which she recently visited again. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Shopping Bag

Colorful Friendship

I think I was just 6 years old when these photos were taken. I was together with my mom when we attended Jian's 3rd birthday party. Her party theme then was Dora the Explorer. It was really fun because almost all my "online" kid friends were present. We had fun painting styro balls and egg hunting too.
I'm busy with my ball.

I just gave a shy smile because I already lost a tooth here. LoL!

I was sitting beside my friend-neighbor Sam.
We truly have a colorful friendship. It started virtual and we end up as real life friends.
This post is my share to these cute memes: