Loving Heart...Chocolates!

These are the Heart chocolates Daddy gave us. Mommy was surprised that Daddy handed her these chocolates a night before Valentine's Day, while me and Roey were past asleep. 

Since they're for the three of us - Daddy's girls, we all shared. Mommy gave me 2 pieces the next morning and I brought it to school. I was kind of reluctant at first since it is not our favorite Hershey's nor Goya chocolate bar but was also surprised that it tasted good. 

Roey enjoyed the chocolates too. She wore her Red tee with a heart design on it and a hand-me-down Strawberry-heart designed shorts. Both pieces were too small for her already but still posed in front of the camera for Valentine's sake. LoL!

Hump Day Giveaway

Hump Day $50 Giveaway

Thanks to the 27 wonderful bloggers listed below, it's time for Hump Day $50 Giveaway once again. This week's task is for Facebook Page likes which is super easy to do. Feel free to visit all the wonderful blogs below once you're done entering the giveaway. You can log on to Rafflecopter via your Facebook account, or your name and email (just make sure you're Facebook is opened so you can easily like the pages). Once you've liked the page (LIKE button turns gray), leave your Facebook Profile Name (not a Business/Blog Page) on the space provided for Extra Info after doing the task so we can verify your entry. It would be best if you enable us to see the pages that you liked in your info tab so we can announce the winner ASAP.
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