Barbie Colgate

I asked Mom if she can buy me my own toothpaste when I saw this Colgate Barbie Strawberry flavored toothpaste in the grocery shelf one time. She checked it out and gladly gave in to my request. I am having fun using it and now, it takes me more than maybe 5 minutes just brushing my teeth. Mom tried it one time but said she didn't really like the after taste and so as mentioned too that it made her feel like her mouth is dry from saliva when she used it. Well, I guess this was really intended just for kids! =)

In Getting Sick

A lot said it's "uso"..that there are a number of people who recently got colds or worse, flu. I was hit but the virus as well. It was our English week when I gamely went to school for Tuesday's activity - Spelling Bee! . I felt a little cold and dizzy but didn't really bother go to the clinic since I was trying my best to make it to the finals of the Spelling Bee contest. I was already weak at the time there were just 4 of us left and I lost that round. I spelled the word correctly but I was the slowest our of us four. Right after then I headed the clinic and found out that I have fever. The admin called home to inform Mom about it and soon after, Mommy, Roey and Lolo Tatay fetch me. 

We thought for a while it was just what they call "lagnat laki" or I just got anxious about the competition and so as excited about the next English declamation contest and essay writing contest I am to join too. But that night was not a good one. My fever went up and Mommy had to monitor my temperature. The next day after, I already have cough and colds and still has fever. Mommy told me that I might not be able to make it to the declamation contest anymore but if I want to join in the field trip that Friday (same week), I need to be better. I was absent for 4 days. I wasn't able to join in the declamation contest for the first time. And, we weren't able to join the field trip too. Worst, the school can no longer refund the "companion fee" we paid a week before the trip. Mommy was a little upset with that because we have valid reasons, we didn't just backed out just because we didn't like to join anymore. I was already well that Thursday that's why we were hopeful we'll be able to join but I had fever again the moment I woke up to prepare for the field trip. 

Mommy made a joke that we still had our field trip - to the hospital though! She brought me to the pediatrician-pulmonologist at the Bernardino General Hospital and I was given antibiotics as prescription. 
I had to complete the administration for 7 days. I wasn't finish with it yet when Roey caught a viral infection so Roey and Mommy had to visit the same doctor the next Friday. Roey is taking her antibiotics too and she'll finish it by tomorrow if I am not mistaken. She's better now and very active but she obviously lost some weight. 
Parents are really the first ones to feel unhappy when we, kids, get sick. I felt the sadness too because I lost a lot of opportunities in that week I was fighting the sickness to be well. I was not able to participate in that essay writing contest too. I missed a lot of lessons. But, Mommy imparted something I will always remember... there's a new meaning to a NO.
It's New Opportunity!