Incoming Grade 3

Last day of vacation...I think I'm not ready yet to go back to school, I even told my Mom. But, I can't deny that I miss my teachers and friends too. Mommy requested to have an earlier schedule this Monday so she can go home early dawn the next day and assist me on my first day of being a Grade 3 student.

I had fun last summer. Mom wasn't able to enroll me in any summer class but I still had a good vacation. I was able to visit Mommy's new place of work. I was able to go out and swim with my friends Isabel, Kuya JM, Andre and Yona. My parents allowed me to play and use the computer which in a way helped me learn a little about "Time Management" and "Keyboard Shortcuts". I received new books my Mom got from Book Sale and read them too. I was able to enjoy the company of my little sister though sometimes it honestly irritates me when she cries. But, I love singing "The Sister Song" to her. I love her.

There were few times too that Mommy allowed me play at the Timezone. I always play "Love and Berry" when I'm there. I have lots of cards already, others are doubled though. There are players there that are nice because they allow me to make a swap with them. Others just won't talk to me, so I ask Mommy to ask them if they needed a card that I have so we can swap. I gave Ate Jhazreel about 3 cards too and I am planning to give her more in case I couldn't find someone to exchange with. Mom bought me a book to keep my cards ang printed out Love & Berry's picture from their site with my name in it. Sweet!

I can name few more things I enjoyed last summer but I guess I have to have my pen ready... to write things I will be learning from school! yipee! Now, I'm excited!

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