JB: ROEYness

My sister Roey when she was just 4 months old.

Isn't she beautiful?
I am posting her picture today because she can now show how she likes to be with me.
She pretends to be a barking dog and would chase me around.
She also imitates me in whatever I do that is why mommy reminds me to be a very good daughter.


Clarissa said...

kawaii!I love her pouty lips!Roey is so kikay^_^


Happy JB!

btw,thanks for the invite~I'll read first the requirements sa meme mo ha^_^

Jen said...

very cute..:)


genefaith said...

she's such a cutie...she's an enjoyable playmate, I bet!

SHY said...

Your sister is so lovely :)..

tejan said...

your sister is so pretty keanna:)

godbless you little one!

kat said...

Hahaha..ang cute ng nguso...dropping for JB.

sHeNgKaY said...

cute ni baby roey!..mwah!

grab your badge Ate K..

Put it on Iris Badge Collection..

Ate K said...

Thanks for visiting me hope you can join messy-go-round tomorrow! please grab BADGE thank you again!

anne said...

Aw that is so cute, nakikita ko ang mga anak ko sa kanila

Mommy Trish said...

very beautiful sister pictures! thanks for sharing this here at JB. :)