Puppy, my puppy

Meet my favorite stuffed dog, PUPPY!
Mommy said that I should have thought of a different name but I really want just the name Puppy. As simple and cute as that.

Puppy was a Christmas gift from my late grandMAMA. I was told that my eyes grew big as soon as I saw Puppy's head popped out of the paper bag. Every Christmas at school, we have wish lists. I remember that in the past 5 years of schooling, I always put stuffed toy (dog) in the list. He he! I have a collection of about 5 already. Other stuffed toys are bears. They are cute too!

Me and my Puppy.
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Shopping Bag


mommy Jes said...

oh so CUTE!!! my kids are calling that stuff just a PUPPY :D

Thanks for joining sis!! :))

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Unknown said...

wow.cute PUPPY... as well as the owner ;)

visiting from TS!


see yah!

Joy said...

cute lil puppy :)

visiting thru Toy Story Meme ;)