MGR#14 Make Up FUN

This was me and my 2nd cousin, Ate Kate Jhaz. I was just 5yo in these photos and she was 7yo. I received a small make up kit as a gift and we used it for our pretend-model-play.

"The eye shadow goes here Ate Kate!"

It's time for the blush on. Hi Hi!

And, my favorite of all... the lipstick!

Afterwards, I had to put Ate Kate's make up too.
So, is it obvious that we had few blush on mess and that our make ups aren't even?


Mommy Jes 8:59 AM, July 30, 2011  

hala cge make up ahahhaha ang cute!!! gnyan dn si ISHi eh ginagawang model nmn nyaay nag lola ;)) hahahaha!!!

☆Mama Ko☆ 3:33 PM, July 30, 2011  

You girlz are awesome, playing make up is really cute and you two are cute too.

Vhen 3:56 PM, July 30, 2011  

hehehe.. pwede magpa make-up din? heheh

ang cute!

Carla 10:06 AM, August 01, 2011  

hi ate K, i'm your newest follower. :)

You made me think about making a blog for my little S' so that someday when she's as big as you she can manage it herself already...

hanap muna ako ng pics so I can join the messy go round. I'm sure I will find a lot lol

jared's mum 2:00 PM, August 01, 2011  

cool! but i don't think i'd like to join you ladies, hehe :)

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