Stuffed Toys I Love

These stuffed toys are some of which I value the most. They are gifts by special people I love. We have Puppy in the middle, he's my most favorite not just because he is a pup but he also came from my GrandMAMA. He still has his bell in this photo but he lost it already. I still have these toys until now and I share them with my little sister, Roey.

Shopping Bag


Mirage 12:44 AM, July 22, 2011  

Who doesn't love stuffed toys? They are little kids' treasures and most the bestfriend they'll know for life... :)

cheerful 11:12 PM, July 24, 2011  

we all love stuffed toys! :) and those are nice one with great memories to tell...keep it! mine was all kept in our house in makati! visiting late from TB, have a great week. :)

mymy 5:54 AM, July 25, 2011  

awww, i remember my first sons stuffed it's the youngest who plays with them (and he's the one who sometimes rips a button or two)! lol

thanks so much for visiting my TB post, Stef
happy start of the week!

Angi 5:58 PM, July 25, 2011  

maybe next time i can some of my clan with them lol!

Mommy Jes 12:52 AM, July 27, 2011  

wow cutie!!! Thanks for joining Toy Stories sis :)

Mommy Jes 5:15 AM, July 28, 2011  

hi sis!! toy stories for the week is now open

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