RT: Project Gain Weight

My Mom has been asking me to eat & drink more. She told me that I will not be just healthier but will also become prettier. Hi Hi!

These photos were taken at Pizza Hut in Trinoma mall. My Mom has this Palm Card (privilege card) and we decided to dine in one time. She ordered a serving of Mushroom soup for me as an appetizer. It really taste delicious.
Mommy also gave in to my request for a dessert. I forgot what this was called but it is of course made of my favorite fruit, Mango! These photos were taken few years back but we are again working on for me to gain some weight. I ust then realized that it is not easy.

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Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

Hay naku sis, parehas us ng operation...project weight gain for my bunso...kainis kasi picky eater...pero good thing fish is in his number one sa food list pero di sya mahilig sa veggy hayzzz...di naman pwede yung puro hotdogs lang