Back To Back Parties

These photos were taken 1 week apart. We had our Christmas party help at McDonald's West Avenue last December 3 and another post birthday party for Paolo last December 10. December is really a busy month not just for kids but for parents as well. The first three photos were of mine and sissy plus "The Royale Maldits" group (LOL!). The next three photos still shows me and sissy, kiddie online friends and pencil topper souvenirs.

My daughters in their matching MM blouses.

These get together gatherings and parties can be tiring but it leaves us wonderful memories and happiness we will treasure for life! Happy Holidays everyone!


Katya kate 12:10 PM, December 18, 2011  

Such memorable experiences for the kids! Love the happy smiles from the kiddos!

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Life Unexpected by BigHotMommaG 6:18 PM, December 18, 2011  

Wow! Busy ang mga kiddos!! :)

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k@ye 3:15 AM, December 19, 2011  

I miss going to christmas parties...It's been a while since I attended one. Sure looks fun...and the Lalaloopsy pencil toppers are really cute! :)

wifetoalineman02 11:17 AM, December 19, 2011  

what a busy sisters, looks like she all had at the parties, great giveaways too :-)Dropping some love for PF, hope that you can return the favor too

Leah H. 2:33 AM, December 20, 2011  

Parties means FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! Good for you guys:)

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happy caity 6:43 AM, December 20, 2011  

parties and gifts! looks fun. got anymore parties to attend? :)

Leah H. 1:55 AM, December 21, 2011  

Beautiful pink colors...

Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..

Icar 10:22 PM, December 21, 2011  

Christmas and parties are truly fun times for the kids(of all ages)...

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One Proud Momma 3:41 PM, December 22, 2011  

It's time to relax and unwind so we'll have more energy for next year :)

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Mommy Jes 11:15 PM, December 23, 2011  

ang saya naman ng party!! all red!! :)

Mrs.D 9:02 AM, January 07, 2012  

wow! super fan! sorry for the late visit prettyK...:)

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