Super Summer Week

Mommy told me to practice reading more than playing online so she bought me a book. I liked it, she made me choose the book I like to read and this is what I picked.

We also had pancakes with Strawberry syrup as a snack. It's yummy! Mommy designed these. A pig and two smileys for me and my sister Roey.

The next day, my sister and I had fun playing at my grandparent's garage. I taught her how to hold the umbrella properly. We had fun. After playing, we ate Halo-Halo and visited my friend Sam & Tita Vanj. We didn't have any photos but we also played there.

Last Friday was the 4th month since Mama (my grandmother) passed away. We visited her at the cemetery. My sister brought her teddy bear. We lit up candles and brought flowers too.

We were to visit my Tita Divine at the Spazio Bernardo but she was sleeping so Mommy didn't bother to wake her up. We just went to the park and there I saw my friends (classmates) Julz and Foebe.

It was really a fun week. Today, Mommy said it is Palm Sunday and then the Holy Week.
I'm sure we will have no meat the entire week but plenty of fruits and veggies.
Have a great week everyone!