Messy Go Round #9 Hyper Roey

My little sister has become so active lately. She would even gladly imitate whatever I do. That is why Mommy would always remind me to be proper and stop being a little childish. LoL!

She's so hyeractive that it has become hard to capture a good photo together. Hays!

She would always open my school bag ang bring out my pencil case to ask for this yellow marker. That is what she does all the time. Scribble anywhere, even up to her own skin. Ha ha!

She also plays with stickers and I thought of a silly idea...I stuck the letters R. O. E. Y. in her cheeks! Guess what? She loved it!


Chubskulit Rose said...

Thanks for reminding me. Cute face arts!

Unknown said...

hahaha! ang cute... sana may sister na din si sasha para may constant playmate na din siya just like you ;)

happy MGR!

Lovingly Mama said...

har har. sayang wala akong pixes sa mga stickers and writings namin ni dindin sa aming bodies. hahaha

Unknown said...

is here for MGR..
hope to see you @ my post

Mommy Jes said...

yey! so cute!! :D ehheheh sorry for my late entry :D