Mall World Designs

Lovingly Mama is letting me guess how many colored balls does Dindin have? And my guess is 80.”

I also would like to share colorful designs I made from Facebook's game, Mall World. Whenever Mommy allows me to play online, I make sure I log in to my Facebook account and play all the games I love like Restaurant City, It Girl, Fashion World, Mall World, Yoville and sometimes I still play Petville. Hihi! There are lots of games, right? I sometimes run out of time because Mommy will only allow me to use the PC for 1 hour. I am lucky if she fells asleep during my PC time, ha ha!

Are they cute? I still have other designs to share next time. For now, I am linking to:



Gene of Corbitoness said...

These are good. Baka ma-inspire ka to be a stylist when you grow up.

Visiting via Colorful weekend. Here's my entry: I love Sqwishland Pets

Kim, USA said...

Very pretty design!


RNSANE said...

You've got a sweet mother who guides you in the nice things on Facebook. Nice designs there. Maybe you'll grow up to be a very famous fashion designer and we'll all be wearing your clothes!

chubskulit said...

Beautiful post to start the week! Nice designs ate K.

Would you mind peeking at my Mellow Yellow? Have a great week ahead.

Chie_Wilks said...

these are fashionable styles you made little miss. lovely!

Lovingly Mama said...

thanks for joining ate keanna. :d will announce results soon :d