Trinoma Visit

Mommy, Me and Roey went out on a special date on day and headed to one of the nearest malls in our place, Trinoma. At the time these photos were taken, they don't have that much Christmas decorations yet but I am sure they have plenty now.

I posed in front of the fountain facing Mindanao and North Avenue. There, I wondered why Trinoma didn't place their "front" in the EDSA/North Avenue corner. Is it because of the MRT station that will somehow block the way or they just didn't want to be "face-to-face" with SM North EDSA? Hi hi!

I wore a Pink tank top and an old Pink belt, denim jeans and a hand-me-down Havaianas . My sister is also wearing a hand-me-down striped collared dress. That was originally mine, a gift from my Ninang Rosemarie.

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Katya kate 8:39 AM, December 04, 2011  

Very cute kids! Have fun strolling around!

☆♥Shydub♥☆ 10:24 AM, December 04, 2011  

How old is your daughter mommy, she looks like a lady already at they really pose pag pinapapose ha sana ganyan anak ko Z:)

Visiting from Pink Friday


wifetoalineman02 11:28 AM, December 04, 2011  

awww Keanna is so pretty Mommy. She looks cute in her pink top while the little sister looks adorable too. Returning the love for Pink Friday. Thank you for the visit too.

BigHotMommaG 11:50 AM, December 04, 2011  

Look at Roey! hahaha you guys grow up so fast!

Be good always ate K! ;)

Icar 3:11 PM, December 04, 2011  

you are already a Lady Keanna!wag muna mg-bf!hehe

sending love for PF#97

Rosemarie-Celebrate Life 3:53 PM, December 04, 2011  

cuteness, they sure had a blast strolling around the mall, visiting for PF, I hope you could visit mine at and leave some love..

Venus Layugan 9:09 PM, December 04, 2011  

cute cute nila... im sure punong puno na ng decorations nagyon....

here for PF!

hope to see you there too!

yuuki 5:20 AM, December 05, 2011  

visiting from PF, cute kids in pink...

Leah H. 12:44 AM, December 06, 2011  

Cute outfit:)

Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit mine too..

SAHM Collector 2:48 AM, December 06, 2011  

Wow! The little lady looks elegant and classic with her pose, kahit pa naka-jeans lang! Ang tangkad niya tingnan! :)

Late PF visit! :)

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Pink Thoughts 9:56 PM, December 07, 2011  

Future fashionistas in pink!!! Pretty!!!

Thanks for joining Pink Fridays! <3

Dhemz 10:04 AM, December 09, 2011  

ay ang cute naman nitong dalawa...she looks pretty on her pink outfit!

sorry for the late visit.

Rovie 9:31 PM, December 10, 2011  

cute kiddos! looks like both are really having fun in the mall...

visiting you back for PF!

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