Family Time: Birthdays

Just before November ended, our relatives (Mommy's side) planned and gathered to celebrate 18 birthdays. Imagine how big the family is. Yes! 18 of our relatives celebrated their birthdays last November and this gathering is for them.

We started with a short prayer for the November celebrants who already passed away while the lunch (buffet) table was prepared.

And just right after giving thanks, everyone grabbed their plates and enjoyed delicious foods set on the table. I immediately grabbed 2 chicken feet without knowing it's sweet & spicy. In the end, it was Mom who ate them since she joined us in the center table assigned for the kids to use.

One of the celebrants who turned 76, Lolo Uncle Feling and her sister Lola Auntie Cora were there. Mommy's uncle and aunt from her father's side.

Mommy was assigned to bring loot bags for the kids but she didn't get the chance to prepare it and decided to just buy 2 medium sized palayok and fill it with candies.We had an instant party game and had real fun! There were cash prizes for the winners.

I'm joining in Family Time. The next clan plan is a summer adventure somewhere out of town. Hopefully we'll be able to join in this 2012.