Played Up High

One cloudy afternoon, my sister and I got the chance after Nanay invited us to play up in the rooftop. 

 Roey brought her new drums and stuffed toy Pooh.
While waiting for Nanay to lead our way up, Roey excitedly sang "We wish you a merry Christmas!". She still has a holiday hang over I guess. Ha ha!
 It wasn't hot and the weather was so nice. I even played the drums and sang for my sister.
I also taught her to pretend flying since with her height, all she can see are the clouds and the roofs of our neighbors. It was really a fun afternoon but had to end after little sissy slipped and got a scratch on her right knee.


Rosemarie 6:19 PM, February 07, 2012  

oh, the kids really had fun, late visit for Pink Fridays, i hope you could drop by at and leave some love...

happy caity 8:25 PM, February 07, 2012  

little drummers! too bad your little sister hurt herself. be extra careful next time!

wifetoalineman02 9:11 PM, February 07, 2012  

awww! bond time with Sister...the best playmate ever. Visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too.

Mommy Jes 9:21 PM, February 07, 2012  

oh they are so cute!! they really are having fun! :)

sHeNgKaY 7:49 PM, February 09, 2012  

sweet sister ATe K..musta na?..
Visiting from PF entry #35 My Pink Entry. Have a nice day!
You might want to join Orange Tuesdays 35th Edition open till Saturday.

Mel Cole 11:16 PM, February 13, 2012  

so cute drummer girl! must be nice to be at the rooftop. :) Sharing to you My Pink Fridays Entry.

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