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It's Friday again and I'm joining Pink Fridays. Mommy taught me about this meme and since we both love Pink, I asked her permission if I could join. I have several pink stuff but these are the ones I like for today. I love playing dress up so I have an album for my "It Girl". Here she is in a Pink elegant gown and has a Pink bag and shades.

And this one is a photo of my little sister, Haley Roneese. She wore her pink flowery headband and polka dot dress at Jillian Warde's birthday party.

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May 12:35 AM, March 26, 2011  

I make a lot of headbands for my daughter and a lot of them involve frills and ... what else, pink! Lovely PF entry. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am here for PF and to visit you back.


Ms. Burrito 2:53 AM, March 26, 2011  

She's so pretty Tita.

Tea Time for pink. Hapy weekend!

SavvyMama 9:17 AM, March 26, 2011  

such a cutie! thanks for dropping by my entry...glad to be here!

Vernz 10:14 AM, March 26, 2011  

HI, wow, so pretty.. adorable baby.. was here too.. thanks for dropping by.

Benedique 10:26 AM, March 26, 2011  

Hi K, roey is cute with that headband. I play IT girl den.

Hazelicious929 11:08 AM, March 26, 2011  

I love the pink headband! Such a cutie pie! Mine is up - My Pink Photo

Mona 1:27 PM, March 26, 2011  

Nice gown, ang pretty little girl ... Happy PF!

milrose 1:57 PM, March 26, 2011  

your sister is such a cutie!!!
til next pink friday!!!

RyHeAnNe 2:44 PM, March 26, 2011  

Cute naman sis mo, bagay ang head band :-)

rosette 12:12 AM, March 27, 2011  

she is so cute in that dress and headband...

visiting from Pink Fridays!

here is my ENTRY

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Chuchie | Chie Wilks 1:28 AM, March 27, 2011  

hello, thanks for the visit. you have a nice PF post. I too play dress up game with my little sisters..that's a nice flowery headband on your little sister

Irish 2:28 AM, March 27, 2011  

what about roey's pink hk birthday party mare? hehehe

kat 11:36 AM, March 27, 2011  

Oh your headband is cute baby...can i borrow it. Thanks for the PF comment sis.

Cheerful 12:42 AM, March 28, 2011  

that's gorgeous dress, you could be a fashion designer someday, keep it up! your sister looks so pretty with her headbands, love it! PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a great week!

Keanna 10:38 AM, March 29, 2011  

Thanks you po for the visit and all the comments!

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