Growing Up...a little more!

I am enjoying helping out Mommy in every little thing I can do. She always tell me to take care of my sister or to watch her back. I can already take a bath on my own, but Mommy still checks on me every time. I am also tasked to pick our drinking water from my grandparents' house. It's just beside out home but the 4 liters water container is a little heavy. I still need to build my muscles.
I am allowed to play online but just for an hour or two. That's good enough for someone like me. I will be able to play Yoville and dress up my It Girl character within that period. Sometimes, extensions of 5 to 15 minutes is allowed, he he!

I also experienced for the first time to join a long walk or the so called procession last Good Friday. We did not really plan to but after the 3 o'clock mass, we saw a group of people preparing for the procession so Mommy bought a candle and we joined. It was tiring and my legs ached but it's okay. It was good that we brought the stroller because Roey was asleep the whole time!

Our Easter Sunday was simple. I was awaken by Mommy early dawn to join the procession that passed by our house. At the church, I saw girls dressed up like angels who removed the black veil from Mother Mary's head and attached it to the balloons. There were plenty of flowers too. It was a happy Easter! I ate rice pudding or SUMAN.
I enjoy playing with my sister and she always want me to make bubbles for her to pop. Mommy took a video and lots of pictures too. I'm proud to have taught Roey how to blow bubbles. The only problem is sometimes she wants to lick and eat the bubbles! LoL!

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