At SM Novaliches

One Sunday, Mommy, me and Roey attended the Children's mass and went to the newly built Sm Novaliches. It's just in front of ABC 5 network. I didn't know that a High school friend of mommy is there too. It was a quick meet up for them though.

Tita Janice and baby Zach came from Japan. Mommy said that they were not affected by the tsunami but they experienced many earthquakes. I got scared with all the stories and videos I heard and I've seen.

We were able to take pictures together. Zach is cute and his skin is really fair. I love his hair color too. I told my mom before that I like my eyes to be blue and hair to be light brown or blond. Mommy said my complexion is something I should be proud of and my hair is already a little brown. I am happy with it, I was just joking that time ha ha! Anyways, my It girl doll is a brunette. Go check her on FB.

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