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It's my first time to join Tita G's meme, Thursday Brownies. It's also the first run of Mommy Raya's Wednesday Whites though I maybe late, I still would like to join. What I have for today are photos taken years back. This serves as a late entry for KIDS and advance post for Pink Fridays. I love joining memes, right?

In this first photo, I am wearing a white top while Ate Ched (Mom's friend) is wearing her pretty Brown tee. She is in Singapore right now and I am missing her already. She makes me laugh a lot.

Ate Ched gave me this Pink sewing machine toy Christmas of 2008.

This is me Christmas day of 2008. I am wearing a White Barbie blouse with Black accents in it. The Pink purse is from my Ninang Amy.

Mommy gifted me the Gameboy I am holding and so as few books to read.

This photo above was taken when I was just 5 at Powerbooks, Trinoma. Mommy said I ran inside and in amazement opened lots of books. I was wearing a "short shorts" that time. It's Brown and that shorts already fit my 19 months old sister. Haha!


jannet 8:42 PM, May 26, 2011  

hi keanna!! can u ask mama where can i find the link of thursday brownies? can't find the link eh!

ang gaganda ng mga entries mo. you really are so pretty! perfect!

raya 12:49 AM, May 27, 2011  

hello keanna! you are so cute.. thanks for sharing your whites this hope! hope you could join us again next time!

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ 5:32 AM, May 27, 2011  

ang cute naman ng sewing machine.

Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles
Here's my other memes:
Thursday Brownies

Pink Friday

and one more thing, Please edit the link in my smart boys badge, it is supposed to be not . S makes a big difference. Thank You!

Mirage 7:10 AM, May 27, 2011  

How do you put the badges neatly in a row? ;D

Cuteness in all the photos, andaming memes! Keep it up!

Keanna 11:26 AM, May 27, 2011  

Thanks for all the comments po.
Ms. Jannet, PM po kayo ni Mommy ng correct html code.

Ms. Willa, edited na po. Thank you.

Tita G, tabi-tabi lang daw po yung code as per Mommy. *wink

Yannie 3:44 PM, May 27, 2011  

That's cute pink sewing machine....

my PF entry

Jen 3:51 PM, May 27, 2011  

the sewing machine is very cute...i love it..

happy PF...My pink Friday entry for this week is my officemates way back in Philippines. This pink uniform was our Monday uniform.
My officemates and the owner Ms. Linda Erispe. She’s from Davao same as Joan and her husband Vincent are also from Davao. Ate Nancy is from Bohol and Minie is from Zamboanga.

sHeNgKaY 7:55 PM, May 27, 2011  

sexy in brown short si Ate K..
go baby!
from thursday brown..

SHY 8:21 PM, May 27, 2011  

Wow lots of pinky things here, I love the pink sewing machine it so cute :)..

texas_sweetie 9:04 PM, May 27, 2011  

so love love love love loveeeeeeeee the cute sewing maching, it's pink and i want to have one for my daughter so bad!!!!

if you could please take a peek at my PF entry here Pink Petunias, thank you!

Charlotte's Mom 9:25 PM, May 27, 2011  

sooo cute naman ni keanna.

pls. visit my pink too:-)

clavs 10:20 PM, May 27, 2011  

cute sewing machine toy! I am gonna buy like that for my niece LOL! mine is here hope you could visit:

jannet 10:31 PM, May 27, 2011  

thank u keanna! i've already joined in Pink Friday meme... it's my daughter (jopay) uniform! hope you'll see it....

mommy jes 11:18 PM, May 27, 2011  

ei dnt forget FAMILY TIME ON MONDAYS and THERE is UPCOMING one THURSDAYS naman - SHOPPING BAG :0 for mamee and kids fashiopnistas

Chie_Wilks 4:03 PM, May 28, 2011  

That's a pretty and kikay sewing machine.

hope you could visit my pink too

anne 12:04 AM, May 29, 2011  

Cute pinks! mine is here SAHM’s Online Diary, I hope you can visit

Irish 12:35 AM, May 29, 2011  

cute naman ng big girl namin pati ang pink toy sewing machine mo :)

Maantaj 3:43 AM, May 29, 2011  

That sewing machine toy is really cute, all your photos are as well!

Vhen 10:56 AM, May 29, 2011  

cute ng sewing machine toy ;)

hope you can visit my entries too ;)

melandria 10:00 PM, May 29, 2011  

so lovely, big girl na talaga si ate keanna. thanks for the visit.

sHeNgKaY 2:49 PM, May 31, 2011  

Late visiting from Pink Friday! :) have a nice day!
My Pink Entry

Orange Tuesdays is open already you might want to join sis..

Cheerful 7:28 PM, May 31, 2011  

hi keanna, you really look lovely in all of your pictures...and i love that sewing machine toy you got for a present. visiting you late from PF, sorry...hope you can visit me too! thanks! have a great week!

genefaith 5:41 AM, June 01, 2011  

this is a wise way of merging memes:) super dami na kasi ng memes on colors..he..he...nice photos and you always look as beautiful as you are:)

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