MGR#11 Bad Hair Day

It was my 2nd cousin Vin Ethienne's 4th birthday last week. He had fun celebrating it at school and so as at home. I still remember when he was just a year old, my Titas told me that he looks like my Mom when Mommy was still little. Now, Vin looks more like his own Mommy, Tita Divine.
Vin Ethienne @ 4

We had so much fun during his birthday celebration at home because my other 2nd cousins, Rham & Ate Jhaz were there too. Plus, some of my classmates were their neighbor too. We had real fun horse playing, laughing and making fun of our luminous bracelets.
I used mine as a crown. He he! Meet the luminous queen... oopps! It's a bad hair day for me. What a mess!


Vhen said...

wow, im sure it was all fun!

happy MGR!

cheerful said...

wow, everyone looks like having fun! joining you late with your meme for the first time...have a great week! :)

jared's mum said...

wow, can i join you guys, you sure look like having so much fun :D

Keanna said...

Thank you so much for joining MGR!