Pink At Baguio

I was just 3 years old when this photo was taken. We were at Baguio that time to celebrate my Mommy's birthday.

Mommy in striped Purple blouse and me in Pink tee & shorts. My Pink shades has Disney Princesses design in it. We can no longer locate the shades to have Roey wear it. Mommy said she must have thrown it away if it broke or must have given it to a younger baby than I am whom she can no longer remember.

Actually, I am wishing to go back to Baguio so I can enjoy it more with my sister, Roey.

Life and then Som


anney said...

Very cute in pink! Love the hello kitty hairbow!

Vhen said...

wow cute naman ng pink shades and hair clip ;)

was here for PF and COPS!