MGR#18 Face Powder

Happy 2nd Birthday cutie Amiel!

We didn't get to prepare a Messy Go Round post last week and it felt a little strange. He he! Mommy was so  preoccupied with her online job and totally forgot that Saturday even passed by. As some of you may already know, Mommy decided to be a stay at home mom after my grandmama passed away so she can be with us and be hands on. I actually liked the idea since I get to be with her and my sister before and after school hours. I also didn't have to beg for Mommy to file a vacation leave even without pay so she can attend school activities. 

Anyway, back to Amiel. He is the second son of my Godmother Amie (Mom's friend since High School). He's of the same age as Roey though Amiel is about 7 weeks older. Isn't he cute? Could be preparing for his big day, ha ha! Mommy said I too have a photo while I have powder all over my face, just like this of Amiel. 

Again, happy birthday Amiel! May you grow up healthy, cute, loving and humble. 

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Carla said...

I was checking you last week, to join in the fun for the first time... but no meme :(

And today, I'm the first one to share my Little S' mess hehehe :)